Our objective is to offer secure best business practice asset recovery solutions and to achieve the optimal return of your unwanted or end of life and redundant assets. We offer a complete range of e-waste recycling solutions to suit any business. Solutions encompass end-of-life practice, secure destruction and re-use solutions. We work in conjunction with established waste companies seeking to offer e-waste services to clients or non-profit organisations that handle electronic waste.


We have extensive Asset Disposal experience. Our Disposal experts have over two decades of comprehensive experience to ensure our customer’s objectives with asset disposal are achieved.


Consistency, transparency and confidence. That is what we offer your organisation in South Africa through our audited and proven processes. Our uniform standards and quality controls ensure our clients have a single-source option that delivers consistent levels of service throughout our borders. Whether your asset is electronic based; plant & equipment; office automation or hospitality and leisure we have a solution for you.

Asset Recovery Solutions:

Secure Logistics

Strict guidelines for packaging, collection and transport of your assets to ensure a secure chain of custody.Multiple security and/or storage options are available to meet specific client requirements.

Technology Processing

We receive, audit and securely process retired assets, customer returns, as well as defective goods.

Maximized Recovery Value

Extend the productivity and useful life of technology through potential redeployment, remarketing, employee sale and charitable donation programs.Re-marketing expertise across multiple technologies and equipment, ensures the highest velocity and financial return related to the regeneration of equipment on secondary markets.

Asset Life-Cycle Management

Discover how our unique approach to life-cycle management will turn your procurement strategy into a competitive advantage and alleviate costly disposal headaches. Simple back to back buy-back agreements tailored to your requirements; ensuring you obtain the return on investment at the end of the assets life-cycle.

Cost Effective Solutions that Make Sense

We offer fair market value for end-of-life and redundant IT equipment. Our offer to purchase includes collection, data erasure and reporting, so that you can dispose of your equipment knowing that you have complied with relevant legislation, and having received the best value for your redundant IT equipment.

Why choose us?

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Secure, Compliant, Transparent services ensure your brand is protected

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Cost effective e-waste solutions through our national partner networks

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Trust and confidence in our ability; knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are meeting laws, legislation and government requirements

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Consistent standard of service and professionalism

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Transparent, detailed and accurate reporting to support your Corporate Social Responsibility

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100% data destruction services, ensures your data is destroyed