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Refurb It Africa is a Division of Preferred Procurement Services Africa Pty Limited, Preferred Procurement Services Africa Pty Limited is a market leader in the supply of Quality Refurbished Dell Laptops, Desktops and Servers in South Africa.

Refurb IT Africa is a Division that ships Dell Quality Refurbished Servers, Enterprise Equipment, Desktops and Laptops anywhere in Africa; but not South Africa. The Division focuses on delivering high quality in-demand Dell products to customers on the African Continent. We have developed a model which allows products to be logistically delivered timelessly, efficiently and extremely cost effectively in areas that regions that traditionally have proved challenging; thereby avoiding frustrating and costly delays in receiving deliveries.

All Payments are facilitated through PayPal; so you as the customer know that your payments are secure, prompt and easy to process.

Our Partnership with Fedex enables Refurb IT Africa to deliver anywhere on the African Continent cost effectively and safely.

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